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Oulim Nuri, the world of Arts beyond your imagination, is near you.
Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center is just 30 minutes by car from northern parts of Gyeonggi province, such as Incheon,
Gimpo, Paju, and Uijeongbu, and from the northwest districts of Seoul, namely Eunpyeong-gu Seodeamoon-gu,
and Yangcheon-gu.

1. Oulim Theater
Total number of seats: 1,218
Width and height of the proscenium: 19.2 meters, 10.3 meters
Width and depth of the main stage:20 meters, 17.5 meters
Backstage area: 308.14
Whole stage area: 1,718.41
Audio: Reverberation time 1.75 ~ 2.16 seconds
2. Stars 'n Sand Theater
Total number of seats: 366
Width and height of the Proscenium: 13.2 meters, 5.4 meters
Width and depth of the main stage:30 meters, 12.5 meters
Main-stage area: 443.29
Audio: Reverberation time 1.07 ~ 1.2 seconds

3. Oulim Art Gallery
Area of Gallery 1: 297.52 , height 5.8 meters
Area of Gallery 2: 234.71 , height 3.6 meters
Storage: 84.5

4. Flower Hill Outdoor Stage
Number of seats: 300 ~ 500
5. Education Center (Catch-a-Star Learning Center)
Structure: Three stories, and one basement level Purpose: Education
and management

Goyang Oulim Nuri | The Goyang Cultural Foundation, 33 Oulim_ro(St), Deogyang gu, Goyang si, Gyeonggi do, 412-020, Republic of Korea,
Goyang Aram Nuri, 1286 Jungang_ro(St), Ilsandong gu, Goyang si, Gyeonggi do, 410-812, Republic of Korea