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The Stars 'n Sand Theater A Small Theater Where Diversity Produces Creativity

The Stars 'n Sand Theater is a smaller theater of 366 seats adequate for moderate- sized classical music
concerts, children¡¯s plays, traditional Korean music performances, and public lectures. Equipped with
state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems that do not fall short of the main Oulim Theater, it is possible
to put a variety of productions on stage at the Stars 'n Sand Theater thanks to its stage wagon systems.

Much consideration has been made to the space between seats and rows, granting more leg space for the
audience and make their cultural experience more pleasant.

The theater has also the basic facilities for simultaneous translation services that can be used upon international
seminars or conferences.

Total Number of Seats: 1,218
Number of Seats in the Orchestra Pit: 88


Technical Performance-Support Facilities and Management System

The Stars 'n¡® Sand Theater's total surface area is 442 §³, and its main stage area is 155 §³, an adequate size
for performances, such as musicals, plays, dance, and chamber music.
The control room is located on the ground level, but two mobile stages (6.6 meters by 3.5 meters) on both the
upper and lower stage, and eight auxiliary stages (6.6 meters by 3.5 meters) can be moved individually or as a
whole to set up creative, original stages.

The upper stage machinery consists of 30 types of equipment: including, 13 units of set batten,
3 units of suspension light batten, and 1 unit of sound reflection board.

Stage facilities and performance equipments shared with the Oulim Theater are several stage platform lifts,
two concert-level pianos (Steinway 274), two upright ladders, and a dance floor.

Sets and materials are brought in and out of the stage from the second floor of the building using a large cargo
elevator, minimizing generation of air currents on the stage area and maximizing efficient logistics.

The audio system of the Stars 'n¡® Sand Theater has to be suitable for multi-purpose live performances, such as plays and concerts, therefore, there is an open control booth installed at the back of the auditorium.

The main console is a Soundcraft Series 4 console with 40 channels, dynamic outboard and reverb processors, players and recording devices, SENNHEISER, SABINE wireless microphones, and JBL surround speaker system. In addition, LCD projectors are installed for live performances and presentations

The lighting system of the Stars 'n¡® Sand Theater consists of 232 units of 5 kW dimmers and 42 units of 5 kW remote direct current circuits, a total of 274 circuits.

The power supply is in a 3 phase 4 wire system of 220 volts, and an independent line of 750 kW for the stage lighting only. The lighting console for small theaters is the ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls) Insight 3 which allows input of up to 600 memory cue lists and 600 group cues. The lighting control room is on the second floor, behind the stage.

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