The Goyang Cultral Foundation

About Us

The Goyang cultural foundation was established in January 2004 as the long-term project to promote culture andart in the city of Goyang and its environs. With the opening of its first art center, the Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center in 2004, the local cultural life has visibly revitalized, and this led to more diverse and high-quality performances being introduced on stage at Goyang.

The foundation’s goal has been from the beginning “to build a city rich with international culture and art ” and having maintained this aim, it is finally ready in May 2007 to launch a vast compound for culture and artsin the latest fashion and on a grand scale, the Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center.

The opening of the Aram Nuri will lay a cornerstone for related businesses to provide the finest contents, invite a variety of international performers, and for the community to experience the true delight of cultural life.


2019 May


The 15th anniversary of the foundation

2011 October

Haydn Hall

Unveiling Ceremony of the Haydn Hall

2007 May


Opening of the Aram Nuri Arts Center (Official launch celebration arts festival held from May 5 to May 7, 2007)

2007 January


Launch of the second Goyang Cultural Foundation management

2006 December


Completion of Aram Nuri Arts Center

2005 October


Opening of all exhibition halls of Oulim Nuri Arts Center

2004 September


Opening of the Oulim Nuri Arts Center

2004 January


Establishment registration and launch of the first Goyang Cultural Foundation management

2003 October

Municipal ordinance enacted

Municipal ordinance enacted for the establishment and management of The Goyang Cultural Foundation



About Goyang City

Rich in cultural heritage, where the past and present coexist

Goyang lies in northwest Gyeonggi province, or northwest out of Seoul, and in the early sixteenth century in became an entertainment and leisure spot for king Yeonsan. Traces of the past can be found today in historical relics and ruins, such as the Seooneung royal tombs, Bukhansanseong and Hangjusanseong fortresses.


Competitive in the international arena

Goyang can be associated with some impressive titles: home to the biggest lake park in Asia, host city of an international flower exhibition and KINTEX, the newest and largest exhibition hall in Korea. These are the founding cultural and economic bases for Goyang which is thriving as an environmentally-friendly city with desirable living conditions, a cultural and self-sufficient city that is also making itself known as an international commerce and tourism city.


A city of culture and arts

Cultural development is an important factor that will determine the quality of life and economic power of cities in the 21st century. In this note, Goyang is an environmentally-firendly town of nearly one million residents, and it is working its way to become an international city competitive in the broadcasting and multimedia industry and known for culture and arts.