Oulim Nuri Arts Center


Where Culture is Part of Daily Life, the Oulim Nuri Arts Center The Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center was the first cultural hall to be built on a massive scale dedicated to the performing arts in Goyang, the closest city northwest of Seoul. The center also includes various types of sports facilities.
located in the heart of a beautiful, green area, Seongna Park which is reachable by public transportation and is within walking distance from Wondang subway station.
The Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center is the largest multi-cultural and sports center not only in Korea but throughout Asia. The arts center is an art venue that comprises three theaters, a main, a small, and an outdoor theater, as well as an art gallery, and it offers a rich program for both the modern and traditional stage performances, interesting art exhibitions and public-engaging lectures addressing cultural issues.
The name 'Oulim' derives from the wish to make the facility a place where Goyang citizens can 'gather at one place' and form a beautiful community.
'Nuri' means 'world' in Korean and it symbolizes everyone enjoying an abundant and happy life through culture and arts. The Goyang Oulim Nuri Arts Center, along with the Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center, is a cultural powerhouse representative of Goyang and it plays the role of a center introducing Korean culture to Koreans and foreign residents in Korea, as it draws a new map of Korean culture in the 21st century.
• Buildings area: 27,759.99m2
• Site area: 713,337m2
• Total floor space: 75,777.48m2
• Buildings coverage: 3.89%Floor space index: 6.35%
• Structure: Three stories and one basement level
• Outline of the construction
• Ground-breaking: November 6, 2000
• First-stage completion: July 31, 2004Second-stage completion: August 10, 2006 Opening of the center: September 2004
• Designed by: Jinyang Architects and Engineers
• Constructors: GS E&C and consortium



33 Oulim_ro(St), Deogyang gu, Goyang si, Gyeonggi do, 10471, Republic of Korea

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